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Injury Management

Injury Management

Injury management involves early intervention in medical treatment, return to work, claims handling, rehabilitation and human resource management practices in the workplace.

Steadfast Workplace Risk monitors management strategies for claims, review estimates and costs, providing a forum for discussion among all stakeholders. Our aim is to help ensure clients implement and review effective management strategies, using their preferred medical network, rehabilitation providers and lawyers or Steadfast Workplace Risk’s recommended partners.

Steadfast Workplace Risk has implemented a unique national model/network, utilised by clients, which we believe to be essential to a successful injury management strategy. Steadfast Workplace Risk also works with clients that have already established productive policies, procedures and effectively manage their responsibilities. Hence, Steadfast Workplace Risk puts forward recommendations to help continuously improve their current operations, or alternatively the client may implement our model.

Steadfast Workplace Risk provides the most effective and efficient concierge services for early diagnosis, enabling your injured workers to get the right advice at the right time. We provide the injured worker faster and more accurate information, helping allow them to either stay at work or return to work in a more timely fashion.

How can we support your team?

Concierge management of your injured workers
Treating doctor driven pathway management
Full integration across all health care providers
End to end performance and quality management

We have found that the promotion of injury management and early intervention is the key to long-term reduction in both direct and indirect costs to employers.