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Preventative Health

Preventative Health

Our philosophy is that, in today’s environment, it is simply not good enough to rely on a reactive stance and apply equally reactive remedial measures in Work Health & Safety. Management should have a holistic approach, starting with Work Health Safety systems, complemented with preventative health and early intervention strategies.

The cost of workplace accidents and diseases, both physical and psychological, are incurred by way of medical and hospital costs, time lost, replacement costs, injury management, occupational rehabilitation and workers compensation payment/premiums. The ultimate objective of Steadfast Workplace Risk is to assist our clients in preventing accidents and minimising losses to a point as low as is reasonably practical.

Steadfast Workplace Risk have a sophisticated pathway management solution for pre-employment assessment and absenteeism. Our comprehensive approach allows for the booking, diagnosis, record and checklist management for your pre-employment assessment. In addition, our absenteeism tracking and reporting assists you in efficient employee performance monitoring.


Steadfast Workplace Risk recommend the use of Pre-Placement Medicals to help you select employees that can perform the relevant tasks without the risk of injury to themselves, which is increased should they have an underlying condition.

More than 50% of serious injuries are a result of strains and sprains in the workplace.  It is important to note that any aggravation of an underlying condition is compensable and may lead to a claim.

Employment Pathways

Book Doctor pre-employment assessment appointments
Track and manage laboratory results
Request and store police checks
Absentee registration, reporting and analysis

Early Diagnosis in Injury Management

Steadfast Workplace Risk provides the most effective and efficient concierge services for early diagnosis, enabling your injured workers to get the right advice at the right time. We provide the injured worker faster and more accurate information, helping allow them to either stay at work or return to work in a more timely fashion.

Our national call centre is 24/7 assisting many government departments, including health, emergency and education.  This early diagnosis flow chart process includes:-

24/7 Clinical Call Centre
24/7 On-Call Tier-2 Clinical Professional Network
24/7 On-Call Tier-3 Emergency Specialist Network (if required)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Almost one in five Australians experience mental ill-health each year, with many not receiving the treatment and support they need (Productivity Commission Enquiry Report 2020).  This means most working Australian’s will at some point work alongside a person with mental ill-health.

Steadfast Workplace Risk have identified through our experience in the workers compensation industry, that of the many psychological claims that are lodged, a significant number have pre-existing stressors (issues) that have an impact on their life. Therefore, when an event or a series of issues in the workplace come about, it can easily escalate and turn into a claim. At this point it can prove to be rather difficult to dispute the relationship work has had on the person, in comparison to the non work-related issues in their life.

Steadfast Workplace Risk strongly believes the implementation of an EAP program will assist with:

Management of potential psychological claims
Help maintain employee work/life balance
Reduce absenteeism
Assist with staff retention

Steadfast Workplace Risk partners with a specialist provider of EAP programs.  Like us, our partner is a highly professional, Australian Owned organisation that are passionate and committed to working with our clients to develop healthy, productive workplaces and employees in a remarkable and dynamic way. Experience in various industries is vital and hence includes government agencies, business services, retail, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, transport and insurance.

Based on our combined experience, our support service includes, but is not limited to:

EAP – provision of a tailored program to access support services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Critical Incident Management & Response – A critical incident is any sudden event that causes staff to experience strong emotional reactions which may interfere with their mental and physical state and their work performance.  Steadfast Workplace Risk arranges for clients to contacted promptly by one of our preferred trained Clinical Psychologist, and where required respond with face-to-face crisis consultation, onsite counselling and support within 2 hours in most regions.
Manager Assist – provision of psychologist support for supervisors and managers to assist in managing staff with work/non-work mental health concerns. This varies from an EAP program as it is for the direct manager, not the employee.