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Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Steadfast Workplace Risk understands what you need by providing clear, accurate and fast response times for an injured workers’ assessment. Our proven experience shows that the impact of higher quality radiology has an effective consequence of enabling a quicker, safer and healthier return to work.

Our process coordinates and centralises administration to organise appointments whilst keeping the responsible clinician, employer and insurer informed of the patient radiology imaging process.

Our system provides a secure online reporting and film access for authorised personnel within 24 hours from time of imaging to reporting.

Uses and Benefits

Our clients can take advantage of our experience and knowledge to help their employees access quicker, more reliable radiology services. The provision of prompt and accurate imaging services for employees, clients and patients will help provide the employees with the following benefits:


Guaranteed appointment within 24 hours of receipt of approval by Insurer, or referral by Solicitor or employer
Results can be guaranteed within 24 hours of imaging if required
Report and image available online
Accurate treatment from an earlier point, leads to a faster recovery
Fast recovery results in less deconditioning, and less likelihood of recurrence of injury
More readily able to resume a normal life


Simplifying the process of imaging through email/single contact number
Cost savings:

on premiums through faster appointment and diagnosis
through reduced injury payments for time off work