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About Us

About Us

Steadfast Workplace Risk –your people risk solution.

Steadfast Workplace Risk has over 30 years’ experience in workers compensation and people risk in all jurisdictions across Australia.

What we do

Our multi-disciplined team provide a range of services to help businesses understand and manage people risk, including:
Return to Work
Health & Wellbeing
Work Health & Safety
Accident & Health

Why are we different?

Workers compensation is about the health and recovery of a worker and must have the fundamental basis of achieving this in a durable and safe manner. Simply, this is a health product requiring health solutions; the only difference is how it is funded.

Based on the above philosophy, we have developed a unique national model, irrespective of the product e.g. workers compensation, group/individual personal accident or journey cover.  To help achieve optimal outcomes for businesses, as well as assisting with the health and recovery of their employees, Steadfast Workplace Risk offers market leading solutions including, but not limited to:

Specialty Consulting
National Medical Hotline
National Legal Hotline
Work Health & Safety

We understand that managing people risk can be a complex and daunting task, our experience suggesting that employers can underestimate the impact of people risk.  To assist employers with base-line benchmarking, we have developed a Workplace Risk Assessment of Performance (WRAP) report including:

Premium; claims; WHS and performance analytics
A comprehensive strategic claims management review
Return to work and injury management system gap analysis
Return to work and injury management system gap analysis

Steadfast Workplace Risk is part of Steadfast Risk Group’s suite of comprehensive risk management solutions, complementing a business’s overall risk management strategy.